Filming in a Covid World

atypicalfilms Covid-19 protocols

Hello friends!

Thank you for coming to this page.

We at atypicalfilms have dug deep and tried to be as comprehensive yet practical as we worked out these protocols.

They might not be perfect or work out well, but we will keep working on them and see what works.

The intent is always to make sure that the work environment is safe and that everyone has a peace of mind when working.

We also want to make sure that we are responsible to the overall public health situation while doing what we can to keep the show running within the film industry.

This is our industry and everyone has a part to play. We welcome you to suggest, drop a note or use it for your own organization.

We seek your kind cooperation as we do our best to protect everyone in the production process, from clients and agency folks to freelancers and our families.

The basic atypicalfilms hygiene protocol includes frequent hand-washing or sanitisation with alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR), no sharing of items, minimal to no physical contact and good old-fashioned common sense and public health consideration.

In addition, here are the rest of our protocols.



The ATF office will be sanitised 3 times a week.

If any staff or their family members have flu-like symptoms, they will visit the doctor. Then stay home! If they have just returned from overseas, they will stay away from the office and self-quarantine for 14 days.

Anyone and everyone who walks into ATF will have to wash their hands with soap, have their temperature taken and fill out our declaration form.



Remote PPMs will be conducted for all stakeholders as much as possible.

Backup talents and locations in the event that anyone is unable to make it for shoot will be presented.

Talents will send in self-casted videos for the first round of auditions alongside declaration forms.

Talents will only come to the office if a callback is needed on a case-to-case basis. We will look into remote workshops with talents.

Whenever possible, all departments (Wardrobe, art dept, locations, etc) will work remotely.

ATF will prepare a list of available crew members in case anyone is unable to make it for the shoot.

If the Director is unable to make it for shoot, a stand-in Director or 1st Assistant Director (1st AD) will stand-in with the principal Director viewing and directing remotely via livestream.

7 days before shoot, all shoot attendees (Production, crew, freelancers, agency and clients) must provide a signed declaration form outlining:

* Travel history four weeks before shoot.

* Contact with anyone who is a confirmed/suspected COVID-19 case.

* Has seen a healthcare professional in the last week for cough, running nose, sore throat, breathlessness.

* Anyone who feels unwell before the shoot must inform ATF.



Studios and locations will be deep-cleaned before and after the shoot.

All shoot attendees will undergo temperature checks before entering the set. Anyone with a high temperature cannot enter the set.

Any shoot attendee who feels unwell during the course of the shoot must immediately report to the producer.

Where possible, we will livestream footage for remote approval process to reduce the number of people on set, especially in the Video Village.

The Video Village, holding and/or catering areas will be a fair distance away from each other to reduce crowding.

Hygiene protocol messages, Hand-washing and alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) solutions will be placed and offered liberally on set and used throughout the shoot by all attendees.

High human contact points, such as door knobs and elevator buttons, will also be sanitised every three hours.

Catering departments will step up their food safety hygiene practices – wearing gloves and masks, and supplying individual food and drink packets only. No buffet-styled meals. Tabletops and seats will be sanitised at the end of every meal.

Water bottles will be labelled for each shoot attendee to avoid cross contamination. No sharing.

Covered lined bins will be provided to dispose of single-use bottles, tissues, masks, gloves and makeup implements, and will be sanitised at the end of every shoot day.

Unit-move vehicles are encouraged to wind down windows when on the move.

Everyone will be urged to be aware and be respectful of personal space and avoid any physical contact as much as possible.



Editing suites to be sanitised before and after sessions.

When possible, we will enact remote approvals for WIP sessions except for colour grading sessions where we still encourage relevant people to attend.


Last but not least, instead of handshakes, let’s throwback to the 2000s with double peace signs.

Stay safe and vigilant in our hygiene practices, so we can protect the people around us as we continue creating great creative work!


Yours in 99% rubbing alcohol, air hugs and Bluetooth kisses,

everyone at atypicalfilms