Cutting through the confetti, Elgin lays his ideas bare as things relatable to us. Whether it is the familiar warmth of a family dinner or the thrill of driving a luxury car, Elgin skilfully captures the appeal of different lifestyles with meticulous detail and an instinctive eye for beauty. Elgin also adopts a clean, polished, and sensorial approach to his films, giving the audience a taste of the experience he evokes. 

Hong Kong-born and Singapore-bred, Elgin provides unique insight into Chinese culture, which he combines with a wealth of industry experience to create films that are beautiful yet relatable. 

His clients include Capitaland, City Developments Limited, Far East Organization, Fraser & Neave Holdings, KFC, Marigold, McDonald’s, Wing Tai Asia, etc. 

On the side, he moonlights as a wedding singer. Canto pop requests only.