Victor Manggunio was the former Chief Creative Officer for Leo Burnett China and ECD for BBDO and Leo Burnett Hong Kong. He has created successful campaigns for global brands including Sony, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Philips, Marlboro, Proctor and Gamble, IKEA, and Heineken. As a director, he created films for brands such as Airbnb, P&G, Tesco, Wrigley’s and many others. Last year he directed PETRONAS’s Chinese New Year 2018 commercial, “A Long Way Home” – a breakout spot for him and most recently he filmed a campaign for Shipping Cart Philippines called ‘Love Poems’.

Victor’s experience gives him a unique blend of big brand thinking and strategy with a multi-national approach. The currency of his creative work is invested in how he responds to the ever changing media landscape. He is adept managing projects across a variety of budgets and his multilingual skills help to bridge the gap between local and international practices.

A mix of Indonesian, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese, Victor grew up in Vancouver, Canada. With the unique adaptability of a third culture kid, he instinctively understands different cultural nuances and that contributes to his astute point of view.

He is an avid techie/nerd and enjoys 3D printing movie props and runs a cinema lover’s Facebook community called Manic About Movies which he contributes on a regular basis. A closet mad scientist, he dreams of building a high tech workshop one day.